About us

Effectively regulating digital assets is of paramount importance to financial institutions across the world, as well as the cryptocurrency industry itself. As governments bolster their nascent regulatory infrastructures, it is crucial they consult with industry leaders on how to make them effective and ensure the protection of retail investors. On the other hand, the cryptocurrency industry also needs a clearer picture of the nature of the legal frameworks in which it will come to operate. 

The mission of the Digital Assets Regulations Institute (DARI) is to facilitate this necessary dialogue; to empower regulatory bodies to craft the best regulations possible by providing them with industry knowledge and perspective, while at the same time helping the industry be ready for the coming regulatory frameworks.


Main Research Groups


Research & Consulting Projects


Strategic Partners & Collaborators

DARI creates regulatory synergies between countries and markets by leveraging the core values of the cryptocurrency community, while also making them relevant and tangible to all.

The Mission of DARI:


relevant stakeholders, ranging from regulated companies and projects seeking regulatory compliance to consulting firms, financial and security auditors, accounting companies, law firms, and VCs, to conduct extensive research and produce reports that will inform government policy across the globe.


the work of an interdisciplinary body of experts and industry participants tasked with creating ready-to-implement gold standards and best practices for cryptocurrency regulation.


a marketplace of ideas, where leaders of the industry can come together with actors operating across various regulatory frameworks to exchange expertise and practical know-how.


a strong industry voice on regulation and safeguard optimal development conditions for future entrepreneurs.


evidence-based research, including focus groups canvassing the views of retail investors, to ensure policymakers have access to a broad range of perspectives.


official submissions to regulatory bodies, such as the European Commission, as well as actively engage with regulatory hearings conducted by relevant institutions worldwide.


a comprehensive body of knowledge on regulating digital assets, from theoretical considerations to practical solutions, accessible and easy to implement by any company in the industry.


consulting and enable knowledge transfer for companies within the cryptocurrency industry seeking regulatory compliance, including incubation with DARI’s institutional partners.