VAIOT combines artificial intelligence and blockchain to create new ways of digitally accessing services and securely concluding legal agreements using a natural user interface. VAIOT enables both businesses and consumers to utilize a set of technologies called Intelligent Contracts. It serves as a personal assistant, available on mobile devices via a simple natural user interface providing AI-based legal services. The company also offers a novel, intelligent service-distribution channel that empowers businesses to adapt to modern customers by providing a new way of accessing services. For more information go to

Kucoin labs

KuCoin Labs

By rebranding and restructuring KuCoin primary market investment and research arm in 2021, KuCoin Labs diversified and intensified investments at very early-stage of projects and helped more builders achieve sustainable growth and success in the decentralized world.

Since 2022, KuCoin Labs has doubled efforts on Web3 start-up incubation, gathering internal and external top experts and partners in different project development segments and offering bespoke advisory service within long-tail strategical partnerships.