Research Division

DARI’s Research Division comprises four teams conducting research in four fundamental areas of key importance to digital asset regulation:

Legal Research Group,

Dedicated to rigorous study and comparative analysis of existing legal solutions pertaining to digital assets as they function in various legal frameworks around the world, with the ultimate aim of developing a suite of optimal legal solutions applicable in all global jurisdictions, with research subgroups dedicated to specific geographical regions:

  • EMEA
  • US
  • South Amercia
  • Asia
  • World

Technology Research Group

Focused on examining, compiling and developing the best programmatic and technological solutions that allow for full regulatory compliance and implementation of regulation-oriented design for blockchain projects based on various architectures.

Market Research Group

Tasked with analyzing the impact of regulation on the conditions on the market itself, including canvassing the views of blockchain-based companies, predicting the behavior of and entrepreneurs, as well as analyzing the potential impact on market valuations.

Social Research Group

Concerned primarily with garnering the perspective of the individual investor, including conducting relevant focus groups, as well as analyzing the impact of cryptocurrency regulation on the behavior and attitudes towards digital assets among market participants and society at large.